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We are not a B&B or a hotel we are a Costa Rican Family who has built 4 rooms in our property they all have independent bathrooms and entrances and are located among our family and our gardens. We are a family of 5 .

For Many years actually more than 20 My wife and my self have worked in the tourism industry of Costa Rica precisely in the promotion of tourism related business, I have found that hotels never show you the real scene and rooms are always just rooms. So our family implemented the HOME STAY system come to our home stay at a great room in Costa Rica DON’T SPEND a fortune and be surrounded by real Costa Rica’s.

Our property is located in the outskirts of San Jose the capital of Costa Rica 15 minutes from downtown San Jose we are also adjacent to the National Park Braulio Carrillo on the road to the Caribbean, our property and all the rooms are surrounded by extensive vegetation which attracts large number of birds and butterflies also our rooms have decorated with authentic Costa Rica art from renowned artist every room is differently decorated