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Costa Rica Airport facts

I will start by clearing that the airport is often called the San Jose international airport but in fact San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and the airport is located in the city of Alajuela which is about 22 km away from downtown San Jose. Some of the most important things you should know about our airport is that is a small easy to get around airport it will take you an average of 20 to 30 minutes to pass all the different airport checks like immigration and bag pick up. Once out of the airport if you are renting a car your car rental company will pick you up once you walk out of the building none of the rental companies have offices in the airport they will be waiting as you walk out with a sing and your name on it from here they will take you to their offices which in most cases are located very close to the airport. if you are boarding a taxi be aware that negotiation is a possibility but setting a price before you board a must. The normal rate to the city goes from $25 to $35 depending on […]

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Tortuguero travel

If you are planning a trip to Tortuguero our B&B its greatly located to leave out of San Jose we are located just outside of the city on the highway that goes to the Caribbean

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