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Toucan Rescue Ranch

The toucan rescue ranch is located 5 minutes away from La Boruca this is an amazing conservation project that started with the hard work of Leslie and Jorge more than 25 years ago. The toucan rescue ranch focus on the care, rehabilitation and the study of Costa Rican toucans, sloths and other wildlife. The ranch receives and cares for confiscated, sick and injured toucans and sloths and many other wildlife from government agencies. They give them a loving home with the goal of providing appropriate medical treatment, rehabilitation and then, when possible, returning them to their wild and natural environment. The Toucan Rescue Ranch is a licensed Costa Rican wildlife rescue facility.

The toucan ranch runs a tour almost every day just in special occasions (emergencies) the tour won’t run for the past years we have been recommending this tour and all the people that go have the same reaction they love it. The tour is rich with the individual stories of the rescued toucans and other birds and animals, including a large variety of parrots, macaws, owls, two-toed and three-toed sloths, kinkajous, a spider monkey, rainforest porcupines, and a hawk named Prince! There are also many different songbirds and the Costa Rican Motmots are found in the small bird aviary.
The tour takes up to two hours. The fee is $24 for adults, $15 for children ages five to 10, children under five are free. At La Boruca we highly recommend visiting the toucan rescue ranch.

  • Breakfast with babies: includes a full breakfast, watch the babies being fed and take our normal tour $50 adults $20 kids total duration:3 hours
  • Photo and Artist tour: We’ll open some of the enclosures so you can take pictures we’ll bring the slots out to climb trees, Cost $50 minimum 4 people duration 3 hours
  • Afternoon tour: 2pm every day duration 2 hours adults $24 and children from 6-10 $12